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Electric vehicle charging & innovations


Electric Vehicles….once people drive one, they want one! That trend will only get bigger in the next ten years. In California alone, the goal is to add 1.3 million plug-in vehicles in the next 9 years. To support all those vehicles, we’ll need more and more charging stations….particularly at workplaces and multi-unit residential locations. KnGrid has ultra-reliable and convenient solutions for these environments as well as:

  • Fleet operations
  • Hotels
  • Destination locations
  • Smart Cities



Charging Solutions

Of course, potential buyers have lots of questions about owning them, but the biggest ones have to do with one main thing: refueling. How? Where? How often? What does it cost? KnGrid makes it simple! Our charging stations are built with the customer simplicity and convenience in mind. They’re smart and can even ‘talk’ to your EV!

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Our growing network of state-of-the-art charging stations allow you to charge smarter and easier. You can feel confident that our charging stations will fit your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid. Plus, we offer discounted charging for drivers who charge more often.

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